All New Styllish Slings From Murcia Fashions

Thank God for the Slings!! They are the supermost convenient bags to carry. I see women of every age-group carry them.

And so, here are a few hot ones from my fashion desk — non-leather slings in Red, Beige, Blue and Yellow!

Buy them easily from our online store — Murcia on Flipkart

Fashionable Slings

Which dresses look best with Slings? It’s the casual look, Friends. So, opt for —

  • Worn out jeans and a chic top
  • Long skirts with noodle-strap tops
  • Short, floral frocks
  • Neon colour shorts and flat slippers

The list can go on. Which is your favourite sling look? Tell us!!



Celebrate Valentine’s Month with Murcia

What do they say about February? That, Love is in the air!!! Quite true. Step out of your house, and you find the streets and markets full of Valentine’s Day goodies; red roses and carnations at the florists; George Benson’s voice ringing out with his famous “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…” from a cards store nearby; yeah, the run up to mid-February takes you to another world. Frankly, what interests me most, is the exuberance of the teens, the college kids. This month is a big opportunity for them to, err, ‘muster up the courage…’ Haha….

Coming out of my reverie, here’s what we’ve got for you at Murcia for this month of Love — some awesome offers on our Murcia Handbags and a Valentine’s Day contest on our Facebook page. Here are the complete details:

  • Super prices of Murcia Handbags on Flipkart! It’s an opportunity to Hold, Carry and Store your Love in Murcia Handbags like never before – at Flipkart, we are offering some of the most awesome prices on some of our most beautiful bags, just so that your Valentine’s Day gets even more special. Be it a gift or buy it for yourself, you can only get a lot of love from a Murcia handbag!

Flipkart offer for Murcia handbags

Choose from the flaming reds to the neon yellows to the blushy pinks — Get all that you want here –

  •  Murcia Handbags Valentine’s Day Contest on Facebook: Ah, this is gonna be interesting. We think, Murcia is all about loving your bag and what’s in it!!! And so, this Valentine’s, tell us what will be the most lovable thing you would like to carry in your bag and upload the pictures of those favourite things. Show the world what you love!!!

 To participate in the contest, hop on to Murcia’s Facebook Page here —

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Go out and soak all the love that’s there in the air. Or laze at home, buy Murcia online and participate in the Love Contest.

And stay stylish!

Win Contests, Dance Zumba – All With Murcia!

Hey all you Beautiful People,

I have so much to tell you that I don’t know where to begin! We have tons of things planned for you…let me get my head straight first…and try to begin, as Julie Andrews famously said, at the very beginning….

Beto Perez, Zumba’s big man – yeah, you guessed it, Zumba’s founder — is coming to India this weekend. He will be in Mumbai to host Asia’s largest Zumba class – believe me, it can’t get bigger than this!! And we at Murcia, are partners of this mega event – nay, we are actually one of the Key Sponsors of this event. Beat that! We shall be at India’s Biggest Zumba® International dance-fitness party with Beto Perez —  the GOD and Creator of Zumba®!!

Dance with the God on 1st February at the Lalit in Mumbai, 5pm onwards.

Make sure you are dot on time, since we have a bag full of plans for the big day:

  • A smart answer can win you a Murcia bag or gift Vouchers! Our emcee is a smart guy who’s got some quirky (just like some of our Murcias) questions up his sleeves. All that you have to do is get the better of him, give him answers that are smarter than his question, and you could be the proud winner of a Murcia Handbag or a gift voucher!
  •  Get photographed with the Murcia slogan! Splash it on Facebook and Twitter. Tag Murcia Handbags. And see how we reward you with some of our goodies!

 And for now, participate in the ongoing contests on Facebook:

  • Murcia Handbags Contest on Facebook – You simply will have to ‘like’ the page (Murcia Handbags Facebook Page), share it and post your photo in your best Zumba Fitness wear in the comments section. 10 awesome photographs will win Handbags from Murcia Handbags’ classy collection!!

Post Your Photo in Zumba Wear Contest

  • I Love Zumba Contest on Facebook – Another simple participation — Like the page Murcia Handbags Facebook Page and complete the sentence “I Love Zumba because…”. Give us the most earth-shattering answer and we shall reward you with one of our chic and stylish Murcia Handbags. Tell you friends about it, for we have 5 such bags to give away 🙂

I love Zumba Contest

That’s all for now. Get to our Facebook Page where all the action is….and get rolling with us.

See you at the Lalit too.

Stay stylish till then!

Sale! Sale! Sale! Murcia Handbags. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Hey there all you beautiful women, Howdy!! How have you been treating life?? I had been demanding a lot from it – especially more hours in a day as 24 hours have been falling woefully short!! Yep, have been busy!!! Crazy busy!! Working on a new line of Murcia – the Spring-Summer collection. And so badly want to show you glimpses of it, but wait. Not yet. I shall hold me patience a wee bit longer and show you the complete range once I am ready with them all. Promise!

In the meantime, pick up some of my amazingly good bags at some extremely awesome prices, so that we can make way for the new ones.

Take a look at this all-purpose chic grey-brown bag. You couldn’t go wrong carrying it whether you are wearing jeans or full-length frocks or simple skirts.

Sale on Murcia Handbags -- Buy Online

And this elegant black clutch that is so purrrrrrfectttt for the special dinner. Can you imagine what it can do to your golden outfit? Your dinner party will be on fire if you were to carry this!! Buy it now and avail 40% discount on its original price tag.

Sale on Murcia Handbags -- Buy Online

I love red, don’t you? Makes me feel so bold and beautiful. Get a cool 35% discount on this elegant red and carry it anywhere, even for that serious, formal meeting. You are sure to raise an eyebrow of appreciation! Buy it on Flipkart now.

Sale on Murcia Handbags -- Buy Online

What do you think about this pink Murcia? Perfect for a luncheon? Get it at unbelievable prices!!!

Sale on Murcia Handbags -- Buy Online

Choose from a whole lot of designs and colours – be it the potlis or the slings or the shoulder bags or the clutches.

Spoilt for choice, aren’t you? Hop on to Flipkart rightaway and get some killer discounts –

Let me know what you picked up…and spread the word amongst your friends, will you?

Ciao! I need to get back to my designing floor. You stay stylish with Murcia – A part of the world in your bag.

Pout Out Contest with Murcia

Hey People, How have you been? We, at Murcia, have been busy all of last week checking out some awesome selfies that came to us in response to our Pout Out Contest. We had asked all our fans to share their selfies with a pout to vie for the most chic handbags from Murcia’s classy collection. Selfies and pouts, after all, have floored the world!

Pout Out Contest with Murcia Handbags

We asked people to pout and pout they did! Take a look at this deluge of pouts on Murcia’s Facebook page from all over… Pout Outs by Murcia Fans

Pout Out Contest with Murcia Handbags

#Murcia Pout Out contestants

We had pouts from just about every age group – teens, working professionals, friends pouting together, mother pouting with her daughter. And also from our very own #MurciaWoman – the stylish Sonali Swamy! We loved all the pouts. So much, that we are giving Murcia hampers to every fan who participated in the Pout Out contest. Isn’t that SUPER AWESOME??

Pout Out Contest with Murcia Handbags

Hey, did you just say, “Mirror Mirror, What about the fairest Pout?” Well, the Mirror replies, “The fairest pout was of Anachal Goyal”. And we found three very cute pouts too – of Amrita Sharma, Snehlata Jain and Bhumi Panchal.  Siya Viyan wins the Early Bird Prize for the first Pout that had been posted!

Pout Out Contest with Murcia Handbags

We had a natural Pout too – that of Shweta Bandivdekar’s cute 2.5 months old baby!

And thus, a fun contest that started on 11th Jan and ended on 14th Jan, spread so many smiles! And Murcias!!! We shall have more coming your way in the days ahead…stay tuned to Murcia on Facebook and Twitter. And when the binge strikes, shop them at – Link

Stay stylish with Murcia A part of the world in your bag!

4 Things That Defined Murcia in 2014

Happy New Year People!!! Hope you have started 2015 on a very good note. From the house of Murcia, here’s wishing you a very successful, happy and rewarding year ahead.

Don’t you feel 2014 rushed past in a jiffy? I, practically, didn’t see it zoom by. But now, when I look back, I realize that so much had happened – Murcia, which had turned seven years in 2014, had established itself as one of the most leading brands in handbags in the online portals. It was now time to take a bigger leap and reach out to more women across the sphere. Leap it did and how –

  • Murcia claimed one of the biggest share in online sales of its gorgeous handbags in the leading portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Fahsionara.
  • By the turn of the clock on the midnight of December 31st, Murcia was available off-the-shelf across 50 retails stores of Reliance Footprints in India.
  • Emboldened by its online acceptability, Murcia opened its first flagship store in the posh locality of South Mumbai. Called Bell Plaza, Murcia was ready for the high-heeled at SoBo!!
  • Murcia donned a whole lot of hot and trendy designs that were eagerly lapped up by buyers. Be it to look beautiful in spring or take the hot sun of the summers by its horns, or stay stylish during the rains, make a statement in the festive season, or beat the cold in the chilly winters, Murcia had awesome bags for every occasion. Exclusively for the woman who knew her style!
  • And then came #MurciaWomen in December – the platform to celebrate women achievers, women with determination and style.

Sonali Swamy MurciaWomen

Here I had aspired Murcia to be a ‘part of the world’, and upon looking back, I find Murcia to have come of age already. Eagerly being lapped up by the woman of intelligence, style and panache.

Looking forward, I promise 2015 will be even more eventful – watch out for a whole lot of designs as I endeavor to bring a ‘part of the world’ in your hands; watch out for just the bags a strong-willed woman like you want. Watch out for Murcia For YOU!!!

Shop for Murcia Handbags at —

Gift A Murcia This Christmas

Do you believe in Santa? Now don’t start wondering why I am asking you this question. ‘Santa’ came over to my two-year old’s play-school last Friday, and gave him toys and chocolates. And when, over the weekend, we did our Christmas tree at home, my little one was quick to ask, “Mamma, will Santa give me another gift?” I smiled. Looked at my 8-year old son, who was smiling a there-is-no-Santa-in-real-life smile. I hushed him to silence. Yeah, there’s no Santa in real life, but hey, can’t gifts be given? It’s Christmas after all !

And so, today, I help you with some gifting ideas from the Murcia collection.

Ah! The cool red sling!

This is the perfect little Christmas gift for the youngster in the family/friend’s circle. The sling has adjustable belts and can be made longer or shorter depending upon choice. A trendy colour and finish, this sling will compliment any outfit.


Vintage red purse in floral prints

This is for the lady who has an eye for sophistication. Gift her this absolutely gorgeous floral-printed red purse, and see how she smiles in glee. You can never go wrong with this vintage purse. An elegant dress, beige or black, will make it stand out!


The gypsy’s Murcia

Yeah! This little colourful Murcia is for that free-spirited sister/niece/friend of yours, who is bubbling with life, settles for everything that is creative and has an eye for the different. A yellow flowing skirt, some junk jewellery to match, an attitude that is contagious and this bag – perfect recipe to make heads turn!


The bold and beautiful red Murcia

Gift yourself this bag! Yes, we insist!!! Buy it for yourself, team it up with a tight traditional blue jeans, a bold top, a good pair of wedges and carry this absolutely stunning piece from Murcia.


The sophisticated red Murcia!

Know you are looking at it longingly. But I suggest you buy this breath-taking sophisticated purse for your Mom! For, she deserves the best, doesn’t she? Watch her carry it in all elegance to the dinner that you have organised. The glow on your face will say it all!


Pick up the bags online with absolute no hassle and have it delivered to home in no time.

Find them all here : —- SHOP NOW —-

Flipkart —> –>
Amazon India —> —>

And before I say Ciao, here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!! Have loads of fun and STAY STYLISH!