5 Reasons to visit Mumbai’s Lil Flea this December !

1. What better way to spend a winter afternoon!!!

I know…not much of winters in Mumbai but no harm in a little wishful thinking! So this weekend , ditch the clubs and the guys and stroll in with your gal pals . Late afternoon is the best time to enter..less crowd and more time to explore the pop up bazaar. Feast on the delectable cuisine , stroll though the arty stores…chill out till its time for the live bands and some more experimental food!

Reminds me of Dilli Haat…but hey..this is the next best thing!

2. Get your dose of all things Arty!

Its like Etsy   ..kicking and alive in your neighbourhood!! It cannot get more colorful and brighter than this..everything crafty  and handmade,..everything pop is waiting to be explored and discovered!

3. If brands bore you to death, then this is where you should be!

My biggest fear of buying branded clothes is to be caught dead by another woman wearing exactly the same thing !Remember Sex and the City!? Mylie and Samantha wearing the same clothes ! It’s my biggest nightmare!So..this is the best place to pick up quirky and cool clothes and be rest assured that you would be wearing something unique .

4.Just looking...

Hey..dont want to buy? No problem.just browse.Browse through the cool merchandise at the pop up stores but also check out the cool crowd  .Effortless fashion of Mumbai comes alive in the bylanes of this Flea market.

5. Made in India…

Isn’t that the mantra these days? So lets give a big shout out to all the entrepreneurs and their pop ups!

5 reasons to visit Mumbai’s Lil flea this December !the-lil-flea-dec-2016


Glamorous IPL Owners & A Murcia Handbag

It’s the Indian Premier League season in India. Just days after their World cup tour, most of the cricketers are now battling it out for their respective teams in IPL 2015, the scorching Indian summers notwithstanding. At the time of writing this post, Rajasthan Royals have a lead at 10 points, with Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils trying to inch in furiously. And with almost a month to go for the finals, it sure promises to heat up many notches…..

Now, you will agree with me when I say that the 20-20 overs is just one aspect of the game. IPL is also known and closely followed for the glamour quotient of the players, the owners and the WAGs of the players. By the way, did you happen to about the Cricket WAGs and Murcia in one of my earlier posts?

Today, let’s talk about the lovely IPL owners –

Nita Ambani, Owner of Mumbai Indians. Sophisticated and ever so graceful, Nita Ambani doesn’t look like she is the mother of 3 grown-ups. Blue is the colour of her team, and We Will Rock The World is the moto. We, at Murcia, too want to give her a blue bag — a heavy weight blue-brown bag that is just right for her laptop/tablet, papers and stationery. And if you think, why does she need to carry stationery when her team would be doing all that is required on the planning and strategizing front, we could sure give her a bag that would be just right for all the blue she is wearing — a dainty pink shoulder bag. Take your pick!

Priety Zinta, Owner of Kings XI Punjab. The petite and stylish Priety Zinta lights up the entire stadium whenever her team is playing. I absolutely love her sense of style. Did you notice that she always wears a shade of red during the matches? Now now, red is my personal favourite too. What a power-statement she makes! She sure has a sense of style. But I’d rather she carried a less formal bag in this case. She is wearing a black jeans afterall, and with jeans, you can play with colours. How about my colourful Murcia from my Summer Collection? Ask my opinion, and I think the pink bag would go just right with her outfit, for, it matches the colour of the team’s batch! What do you say?

Juhi Chawla, Owner of Kolkata Knight Riders. The charming, dimpled beauty, Juhi Chawla, can bring a smile to anyone’s face. As she heads to one of the IPL meetings, we wish she had carried a colourful bubbly bag instead of the boring brown. Look! Something that would completely match her scarf. I like the Green and Black very much. Would have been a very statement-making bag to carry! And given our bubbly actress some much needed colour. What do you say?

If you too would like to carry and be seen in my lovely Murcias, here’s where you can buy them — Murcia Bags at Myntra

A big news is coming up. Stay tuned. And Stay Stylish!

Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags

Summers! Ah! Only the other day I asked my friends what they liked most about summers. And was amazed by the many diverse answers I got — the bright sun, the opportunity to be off woollens and jackets, lazy beach days that give the perfect tan, mangoes, chilled watermelon juice, summer holidays, colours, light and floral dresses, petite slippers, pretty bags…..Bags? They too thought that bags can tell seasons? Oh yes, came the reply in a chorus. I was happy. Which means, I told them, that if there can be bags for Spring, there can be bags for Summers too? My friends could tell what I was getting at from the twinkle in my eye. My latest offering….Murcia’s Summer Collection!

Look at this multi-coloured knapsack. Doesn’t it bring a happy smile just because of the mix of its colours? Ask me and I will tell you that I have fallen for its red, yellow and orange, just the hues that I associate summer with. Carry it if you are out on a trek, or simply on a walk to explore your city. Best teemed with a pair of old jeans, loose tops, hair pulled up in a bun or pony-tail – you get it, the carefully careless look 🙂 Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags This blue-white batik print bag is so symbolic of the clear blue summer skies, isn’t it? It is almost a all-purpose shoulder bag – carry it while you are picking up provisions for the house at the super-mart or when you are out in the streets buying things that catch your fancy from the open market. Team it with your colourful shorts and a white top. No way can you go wrong with the look! Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags Weren’t we speaking about sun and the beach? Well, here’s just the bag where you can carry your sun-screen, towels, change of clothes and your swim-suit. Matching the colours of the morning and/or evening sky, this bag worn with a flowing skirt/wrap-around should set you free….. Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags Meeting up with friends? Or headed to a café for some coffee on your own? Carry this bright lemon yellow bag with you palazzo pants and see how heads turn as soon as you enter the café. As regards to your friends, their admiring glances will make your day! 🙂 Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags The best for the last, Sweeties! Here is my favourite….the petite, red-leaves bag. O, isn’t it so so feminine? Makes it feel even more beautiful. Well, carry it just for that — to make you look more beautiful! A pretty red-colour skirt and a tight tunic top will set hearts on fire! Take my word for it! Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags Buy these beauties at – Online Murcia’s Summer handbags Now that the sun is out, have fun. But remember to eat right, exercise right and Stay Stylish!!!

Murcia’s Ode To Spring

Hey people! How have ya been? Still in your woollens, or have you started disrobing somewhat now that Spring is here? I have shed my warm clothes and am currently loving the colours that spring has brought — I love the new leaves in the trees and the colourful flowers everywhere…oh! What a colour riot spring is!

And hey! My love for colours show in my collection too….it is red, blue, green, yellow for me every where!! Made these especially for the season. Take a look ….– Murcia's Spring Collection

A few strong pinks, inspired by the pretty fuchias blooming around us, to brighten up your day! Carry it to college or the luncheon you planned with friends — it can never fail you. Suggest you team it with a nice floral dress or a petite floral skirt. You’d be sure to make eyes turn! Murcia Spring Collection Bags

Carry this lovely shade of blue for your formal outing. Colour, at the same time, sub-toned, so as not to spoil your meeting or conference. You could pair it with an off-white tight skirt or a light grey suit. The bag will simply add to your power dressing, believe me!

Murcia Spring Collection Bags

With shopping just a click away, now add these awesome bags to your collection at the click of a button. Simply get on to Myntra Murcia Bag Shopping Will be back soon with some lovely bags…Stay Stylish until then!

Cricket. World Cup. WAGs. Murcia

Aha! The 11th Cricket World Cup has turned my house into a mini-cricket theatre! No balls are being missed, no participating country is being spared the post-match analysis, and theories of who will lift the cup are flying thick!!

I, on my part, have also been amusing myself with another aspect of cricket – the WAGs of the cricket boys. Remember my post on the WAGs of the Soccer Boys? Well, that’s what got me thinking how would these super hot and chic WAGs of cricket look if they carried a Murcia.

And these are what I came up with—

The stylish Anushka Sharma with the fiery Virat Kohli. Look how chic they look in this photo. Only wish Anushka had carried my beautiful, floral pink handbag instead of the boring yellow clutch, and she would have looked like fire herself! What say?

WAG -- Anoushka and Virat

Australia’s Shaun Tait and his lady love, Masoom Singha are every bit the lovey-dovey couple. Don’t their stunning looks simply complement each other? I would have loved it if she carried my bright yellow Murcia. Would have been just the match for her earthy, brown shirt.

WAG -- Shaun Tait and  Masoom Singha

And then, the other hot Australian, Mitchell Johnson and his gorgeous wife, Jessica Bratich-Johnson. My pink clutch would have been just the right bag for her pearly white gown!

WAG -- Jessica & Mitchell Johnson

Shane Watson and his love, Lee Furlong look every bit made for each other, don’t they? And that gold look suits Lee ah so well. But I think I have a better gold than her. That a look at my gold Murcia. Wouldn’t it have been a better clutch to carry?

WAG--Shaun And Lee


And ah the Shikhar Dhawan with his lovely lady, Ayesha Mukherjee! What a lovely couple they make. My Buddha Murcia would have perfectly complemented Ayesha’s stylish look. That quirky little thing was just right for her pretty outfit, what say?

WAG- Ayesha Mukherjee and Shikar Dhawan

Who is you favourite cricket pair? Which cricket WAG do you think is the hottest? Tell us…we’d love to know…

And as the cricket fever rises, we urge you to Stay Stylish!!!

Murcia’s Affair With Miss India the Netherlands

Remember Murcia’s tryst with Zumba’s greatest, Beto Perez’s first-time in India and Asia’s largest Zumba class when he was in Mumbai earlier during the year? Well, also present at that prestigious event was the beautiful and glamorous Astrid Mathoera Narain, Miss India the Netherlands, a Zumba Jammer and Instructor herself. And guess what? She took a fancy to our chic and stylish bags. Yes, my Murcias!

Do I love Handbags .. Not that Much .. Do I love Murcia Handbags, don’t have to think about it! I LOVE THEM! want to see their beautiful collection?! Visit them on: https://www.facebook.com/murciahandbags order and buy them! “, said Astrid, and we were over the moon! 28 years old and living in The Hague, Astrid has been a student of Law and a supporter of social causes. An active Zumba instructor, Astrid helps people achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives.

A woman with her head firmly on her shoulders, we fell in love with Astrid, just as she fell in love with us and our bags. Isn’t that happiness evident in how she carried around Murcia? Take a look.

Murcia’s Lilac Shoulder Bag looked just so petite and pretty on the beautiful lady.

Murcia’s Affair With Miss India the Netherlands

And wasn’t the Black & White Clutch, just right for her classy black cocktail dress and those awesome shoes?

Murcia and Astrid Mathoera Narain (4)

So was the Red Purse with those little red flowers complimenting her floral skirt just to the hilt! We almost felt that that bag had been made for her!

Murcia’s Affair With Miss India the Netherlands

But hey! Hold your breath, for, I have saved the best for the last! Take a look at this shimmering Astrid in her gold tiara and the Gold Murcia dangling from her fingers ever so delicately. Have you found your breath back? J

Murcia’s Affair With Miss India the Netherlands

You too can own these amazingly classy bags. Simply go online and place your order here – Buy Murcia Online

Also, tell me what you think about Astrid and her affair with Murcia.

Until we speak again, and I show you some more fantastic creations of mine, Stay Stylish!

Handbags from Murcia’s Spring Collection

Oh yes! Don’t you feel the balmy air of Spring? And look at the plants and trees. They have started giving out new leaves…and soon myriad of colours will hit them…O, isn’t spring beautiful? The hues it brings melts the heart, don’t they?

Talking of hues, when it comes to bags, no one can bring you hues as good as Murcia does. Haha…please do not think I am obnoxiously proud. I simply want to show some of my beautiful handbags from my spring collection..that are so colourful…

The Baby Green — doesn’t it look like the colour of a new leaf?

Buy it online through our store on Flipkart

Colourful handbags for Spring

The Fiery Orange — like the fiery Gulmohors

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Colourful handbags for Spring

The Bleeding Red — like the rose fit for your Valentine? 🙂
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Colourful handbags for Spring

And the Cheerful Yellow — that can brighten up the dullest of days!
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Colourful handbags for Spring

The Elegant Fuschia — that makes you long for the company of your loved one..

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Colourful handbags for Spring

The Many Hues — resembling the feathers of little birds and butterflies
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Colourful handbags for Spring

Buy the all online at Flipkart

And see how you make heads turn and lips smile when you walk out of your house carrying them. People will think you have brought spring 🙂

Stay Styllish!!