5 Reasons to visit Mumbai’s Lil Flea this December !

1. What better way to spend a winter afternoon!!!

I know…not much of winters in Mumbai but no harm in a little wishful thinking! So this weekend , ditch the clubs and the guys and stroll in with your gal pals . Late afternoon is the best time to enter..less crowd and more time to explore the pop up bazaar. Feast on the delectable cuisine , stroll though the arty stores…chill out till its time for the live bands and some more experimental food!

Reminds me of Dilli Haat…but hey..this is the next best thing!

2. Get your dose of all things Arty!

Its like Etsy   ..kicking and alive in your neighbourhood!! It cannot get more colorful and brighter than this..everything crafty  and handmade,..everything pop is waiting to be explored and discovered!

3. If brands bore you to death, then this is where you should be!

My biggest fear of buying branded clothes is to be caught dead by another woman wearing exactly the same thing !Remember Sex and the City!? Mylie and Samantha wearing the same clothes ! It’s my biggest nightmare!So..this is the best place to pick up quirky and cool clothes and be rest assured that you would be wearing something unique .

4.Just looking...

Hey..dont want to buy? No problem.just browse.Browse through the cool merchandise at the pop up stores but also check out the cool crowd  .Effortless fashion of Mumbai comes alive in the bylanes of this Flea market.

5. Made in India…

Isn’t that the mantra these days? So lets give a big shout out to all the entrepreneurs and their pop ups!

5 reasons to visit Mumbai’s Lil flea this December !the-lil-flea-dec-2016


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