Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags

Summers! Ah! Only the other day I asked my friends what they liked most about summers. And was amazed by the many diverse answers I got — the bright sun, the opportunity to be off woollens and jackets, lazy beach days that give the perfect tan, mangoes, chilled watermelon juice, summer holidays, colours, light and floral dresses, petite slippers, pretty bags…..Bags? They too thought that bags can tell seasons? Oh yes, came the reply in a chorus. I was happy. Which means, I told them, that if there can be bags for Spring, there can be bags for Summers too? My friends could tell what I was getting at from the twinkle in my eye. My latest offering….Murcia’s Summer Collection!

Look at this multi-coloured knapsack. Doesn’t it bring a happy smile just because of the mix of its colours? Ask me and I will tell you that I have fallen for its red, yellow and orange, just the hues that I associate summer with. Carry it if you are out on a trek, or simply on a walk to explore your city. Best teemed with a pair of old jeans, loose tops, hair pulled up in a bun or pony-tail – you get it, the carefully careless look 🙂 Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags This blue-white batik print bag is so symbolic of the clear blue summer skies, isn’t it? It is almost a all-purpose shoulder bag – carry it while you are picking up provisions for the house at the super-mart or when you are out in the streets buying things that catch your fancy from the open market. Team it with your colourful shorts and a white top. No way can you go wrong with the look! Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags Weren’t we speaking about sun and the beach? Well, here’s just the bag where you can carry your sun-screen, towels, change of clothes and your swim-suit. Matching the colours of the morning and/or evening sky, this bag worn with a flowing skirt/wrap-around should set you free….. Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags Meeting up with friends? Or headed to a café for some coffee on your own? Carry this bright lemon yellow bag with you palazzo pants and see how heads turn as soon as you enter the café. As regards to your friends, their admiring glances will make your day! 🙂 Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags The best for the last, Sweeties! Here is my favourite….the petite, red-leaves bag. O, isn’t it so so feminine? Makes it feel even more beautiful. Well, carry it just for that — to make you look more beautiful! A pretty red-colour skirt and a tight tunic top will set hearts on fire! Take my word for it! Murcia’s Bright and Beautiful Summer Handbags Buy these beauties at – Online Murcia’s Summer handbags Now that the sun is out, have fun. But remember to eat right, exercise right and Stay Stylish!!!


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