Murcia’s Ode To Spring

Hey people! How have ya been? Still in your woollens, or have you started disrobing somewhat now that Spring is here? I have shed my warm clothes and am currently loving the colours that spring has brought — I love the new leaves in the trees and the colourful flowers everywhere…oh! What a colour riot spring is!

And hey! My love for colours show in my collection too….it is red, blue, green, yellow for me every where!! Made these especially for the season. Take a look ….– Murcia's Spring Collection

A few strong pinks, inspired by the pretty fuchias blooming around us, to brighten up your day! Carry it to college or the luncheon you planned with friends — it can never fail you. Suggest you team it with a nice floral dress or a petite floral skirt. You’d be sure to make eyes turn! Murcia Spring Collection Bags

Carry this lovely shade of blue for your formal outing. Colour, at the same time, sub-toned, so as not to spoil your meeting or conference. You could pair it with an off-white tight skirt or a light grey suit. The bag will simply add to your power dressing, believe me!

Murcia Spring Collection Bags

With shopping just a click away, now add these awesome bags to your collection at the click of a button. Simply get on to Myntra Murcia Bag Shopping Will be back soon with some lovely bags…Stay Stylish until then!


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