Cricket. World Cup. WAGs. Murcia

Aha! The 11th Cricket World Cup has turned my house into a mini-cricket theatre! No balls are being missed, no participating country is being spared the post-match analysis, and theories of who will lift the cup are flying thick!!

I, on my part, have also been amusing myself with another aspect of cricket – the WAGs of the cricket boys. Remember my post on the WAGs of the Soccer Boys? Well, that’s what got me thinking how would these super hot and chic WAGs of cricket look if they carried a Murcia.

And these are what I came up with—

The stylish Anushka Sharma with the fiery Virat Kohli. Look how chic they look in this photo. Only wish Anushka had carried my beautiful, floral pink handbag instead of the boring yellow clutch, and she would have looked like fire herself! What say?

WAG -- Anoushka and Virat

Australia’s Shaun Tait and his lady love, Masoom Singha are every bit the lovey-dovey couple. Don’t their stunning looks simply complement each other? I would have loved it if she carried my bright yellow Murcia. Would have been just the match for her earthy, brown shirt.

WAG -- Shaun Tait and  Masoom Singha

And then, the other hot Australian, Mitchell Johnson and his gorgeous wife, Jessica Bratich-Johnson. My pink clutch would have been just the right bag for her pearly white gown!

WAG -- Jessica & Mitchell Johnson

Shane Watson and his love, Lee Furlong look every bit made for each other, don’t they? And that gold look suits Lee ah so well. But I think I have a better gold than her. That a look at my gold Murcia. Wouldn’t it have been a better clutch to carry?

WAG--Shaun And Lee


And ah the Shikhar Dhawan with his lovely lady, Ayesha Mukherjee! What a lovely couple they make. My Buddha Murcia would have perfectly complemented Ayesha’s stylish look. That quirky little thing was just right for her pretty outfit, what say?

WAG- Ayesha Mukherjee and Shikar Dhawan

Who is you favourite cricket pair? Which cricket WAG do you think is the hottest? Tell us…we’d love to know…

And as the cricket fever rises, we urge you to Stay Stylish!!!


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