Murcia’s Affair With Miss India the Netherlands

Remember Murcia’s tryst with Zumba’s greatest, Beto Perez’s first-time in India and Asia’s largest Zumba class when he was in Mumbai earlier during the year? Well, also present at that prestigious event was the beautiful and glamorous Astrid Mathoera Narain, Miss India the Netherlands, a Zumba Jammer and Instructor herself. And guess what? She took a fancy to our chic and stylish bags. Yes, my Murcias!

Do I love Handbags .. Not that Much .. Do I love Murcia Handbags, don’t have to think about it! I LOVE THEM! want to see their beautiful collection?! Visit them on: order and buy them! “, said Astrid, and we were over the moon! 28 years old and living in The Hague, Astrid has been a student of Law and a supporter of social causes. An active Zumba instructor, Astrid helps people achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives.

A woman with her head firmly on her shoulders, we fell in love with Astrid, just as she fell in love with us and our bags. Isn’t that happiness evident in how she carried around Murcia? Take a look.

Murcia’s Lilac Shoulder Bag looked just so petite and pretty on the beautiful lady.

Murcia’s Affair With Miss India the Netherlands

And wasn’t the Black & White Clutch, just right for her classy black cocktail dress and those awesome shoes?

Murcia and Astrid Mathoera Narain (4)

So was the Red Purse with those little red flowers complimenting her floral skirt just to the hilt! We almost felt that that bag had been made for her!

Murcia’s Affair With Miss India the Netherlands

But hey! Hold your breath, for, I have saved the best for the last! Take a look at this shimmering Astrid in her gold tiara and the Gold Murcia dangling from her fingers ever so delicately. Have you found your breath back? J

Murcia’s Affair With Miss India the Netherlands

You too can own these amazingly classy bags. Simply go online and place your order here – Buy Murcia Online

Also, tell me what you think about Astrid and her affair with Murcia.

Until we speak again, and I show you some more fantastic creations of mine, Stay Stylish!


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