Win Contests, Dance Zumba – All With Murcia!

Hey all you Beautiful People,

I have so much to tell you that I don’t know where to begin! We have tons of things planned for you…let me get my head straight first…and try to begin, as Julie Andrews famously said, at the very beginning….

Beto Perez, Zumba’s big man – yeah, you guessed it, Zumba’s founder — is coming to India this weekend. He will be in Mumbai to host Asia’s largest Zumba class – believe me, it can’t get bigger than this!! And we at Murcia, are partners of this mega event – nay, we are actually one of the Key Sponsors of this event. Beat that! We shall be at India’s Biggest Zumba® International dance-fitness party with Beto Perez —  the GOD and Creator of Zumba®!!

Dance with the God on 1st February at the Lalit in Mumbai, 5pm onwards.

Make sure you are dot on time, since we have a bag full of plans for the big day:

  • A smart answer can win you a Murcia bag or gift Vouchers! Our emcee is a smart guy who’s got some quirky (just like some of our Murcias) questions up his sleeves. All that you have to do is get the better of him, give him answers that are smarter than his question, and you could be the proud winner of a Murcia Handbag or a gift voucher!
  •  Get photographed with the Murcia slogan! Splash it on Facebook and Twitter. Tag Murcia Handbags. And see how we reward you with some of our goodies!

 And for now, participate in the ongoing contests on Facebook:

  • Murcia Handbags Contest on Facebook – You simply will have to ‘like’ the page (Murcia Handbags Facebook Page), share it and post your photo in your best Zumba Fitness wear in the comments section. 10 awesome photographs will win Handbags from Murcia Handbags’ classy collection!!

Post Your Photo in Zumba Wear Contest

  • I Love Zumba Contest on Facebook – Another simple participation — Like the page Murcia Handbags Facebook Page and complete the sentence “I Love Zumba because…”. Give us the most earth-shattering answer and we shall reward you with one of our chic and stylish Murcia Handbags. Tell you friends about it, for we have 5 such bags to give away 🙂

I love Zumba Contest

That’s all for now. Get to our Facebook Page where all the action is….and get rolling with us.

See you at the Lalit too.

Stay stylish till then!


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