Pout Out Contest with Murcia

Hey People, How have you been? We, at Murcia, have been busy all of last week checking out some awesome selfies that came to us in response to our Pout Out Contest. We had asked all our fans to share their selfies with a pout to vie for the most chic handbags from Murcia’s classy collection. Selfies and pouts, after all, have floored the world!

Pout Out Contest with Murcia Handbags

We asked people to pout and pout they did! Take a look at this deluge of pouts on Murcia’s Facebook page from all over… Pout Outs by Murcia Fans

Pout Out Contest with Murcia Handbags

#Murcia Pout Out contestants

We had pouts from just about every age group – teens, working professionals, friends pouting together, mother pouting with her daughter. And also from our very own #MurciaWoman – the stylish Sonali Swamy! We loved all the pouts. So much, that we are giving Murcia hampers to every fan who participated in the Pout Out contest. Isn’t that SUPER AWESOME??

Pout Out Contest with Murcia Handbags

Hey, did you just say, “Mirror Mirror, What about the fairest Pout?” Well, the Mirror replies, “The fairest pout was of Anachal Goyal”. And we found three very cute pouts too – of Amrita Sharma, Snehlata Jain and Bhumi Panchal.  Siya Viyan wins the Early Bird Prize for the first Pout that had been posted!

Pout Out Contest with Murcia Handbags

We had a natural Pout too – that of Shweta Bandivdekar’s cute 2.5 months old baby!

And thus, a fun contest that started on 11th Jan and ended on 14th Jan, spread so many smiles! And Murcias!!! We shall have more coming your way in the days ahead…stay tuned to Murcia on Facebook and Twitter. And when the binge strikes, shop them at – Link

Stay stylish with Murcia A part of the world in your bag!


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