Gift A Murcia This Christmas

Do you believe in Santa? Now don’t start wondering why I am asking you this question. ‘Santa’ came over to my two-year old’s play-school last Friday, and gave him toys and chocolates. And when, over the weekend, we did our Christmas tree at home, my little one was quick to ask, “Mamma, will Santa give me another gift?” I smiled. Looked at my 8-year old son, who was smiling a there-is-no-Santa-in-real-life smile. I hushed him to silence. Yeah, there’s no Santa in real life, but hey, can’t gifts be given? It’s Christmas after all !

And so, today, I help you with some gifting ideas from the Murcia collection.

Ah! The cool red sling!

This is the perfect little Christmas gift for the youngster in the family/friend’s circle. The sling has adjustable belts and can be made longer or shorter depending upon choice. A trendy colour and finish, this sling will compliment any outfit.


Vintage red purse in floral prints

This is for the lady who has an eye for sophistication. Gift her this absolutely gorgeous floral-printed red purse, and see how she smiles in glee. You can never go wrong with this vintage purse. An elegant dress, beige or black, will make it stand out!


The gypsy’s Murcia

Yeah! This little colourful Murcia is for that free-spirited sister/niece/friend of yours, who is bubbling with life, settles for everything that is creative and has an eye for the different. A yellow flowing skirt, some junk jewellery to match, an attitude that is contagious and this bag – perfect recipe to make heads turn!


The bold and beautiful red Murcia

Gift yourself this bag! Yes, we insist!!! Buy it for yourself, team it up with a tight traditional blue jeans, a bold top, a good pair of wedges and carry this absolutely stunning piece from Murcia.


The sophisticated red Murcia!

Know you are looking at it longingly. But I suggest you buy this breath-taking sophisticated purse for your Mom! For, she deserves the best, doesn’t she? Watch her carry it in all elegance to the dinner that you have organised. The glow on your face will say it all!


Pick up the bags online with absolute no hassle and have it delivered to home in no time.

Find them all here : —- SHOP NOW —-

Flipkart —> –>
Amazon India —> —>

And before I say Ciao, here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!! Have loads of fun and STAY STYLISH!


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