#MurciaWomen – Sonali Swami


Hey People, How have you been? How’s December treating you? Cold? Hmm…we have just the right news to heat up your December! Read on –

We, at Murcia, have decided to say ‘Goodbye’ to 2014 in a fitting way. 2014, after all, has been such a super year, and we couldn’t let it go without doing something special. And so, we decided to start something very nice and interesting at the fag end of 2014 and carry it over to 2015. We decided to start the concept of #MurciaWomen — an ode to all those women of success and elan, who have been path-breakers and achievers in their respective fields of pursuits.

Yes Darlings, introducing #MurciaWomen !!! You see, Murcia Handbags are for women — Women of every age; women who are confident in their skin; contemporary in their ethos, traditional in their values; one who is not afraid to question, to break barriers to make her own path. #MurciaWomen will, therefore, be a celebration of successful and stylish women by the house of Murcia!!!

Our first ever #MurciaWomen is Sonali Swami – India’s first-ever winner of FitFactor by BodyPower 2014. Despite her degree in Hotel Management, her childhood love for dance took her away to a career in dance. One thing led to the other, and soon she explored the upcoming field of fitness in India. Quick to learn new things, ingrained focus and discipline from her family’s army-background days, soon saw Sonali as a certified Zumba and Bokwa Fitness Instructor. Once firmly into the exciting world of fitness, Sonali set her sights for higher peaks. She now took to weight training in a big way. So driven was she with weights, that she labored hard for that perfect body. Her efforts paid off. She was adjudged winner of FitFactor by BodyPower 2014. All these at the age of 38, mind you. How awesome is that??!!!

If that’s not enough Sonali Swami even won the Model Championship and Fitness Championship at MuscleMania India show which started from the 6th of December, 2014, Bangalore. Three Cheers!!! What a Woman you are Sonali.. Path-breaking! Wishing you many more successes.

And stay Stylish!!!


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