Murcia Bags For Your Wedding Trousseau

Phew! I am happily exhausted! So much to celebrate! Janmashtami, Eid, Ganpati, Dusssehra, Diwali! – India is truly incredible!

And now, with winters slowly settling in in most parts of the country, time for the wedding season. Yes, you would have heard of India’s big fat weddings, haven’t you? They are big and grand. Which is why, today’s post is about wedding trousseaus. Fittingly, I have some awesome Murcia bags for the new age brides to show off!

Take a look —

At Murcia’s shimmering golds! Indian weddings are all about the shimmering yellow metal. Brides love to adorn themselves with traditional jewellery, be it for the neck pieces or the earrings or bangles. Murcia brings for the bride-to-be, just that perfect bag to match her made to order lehengas and jewellery line.

Don’t you like them all? They’d go with any of your wedding events – be it the main evening/day of wedding itself, or the run up to the D-Day, like the cocktails parties or the Sangeet or Mehendi parties. Hope you are raving about the shapes of the bags too – what a splendid modern touch to an otherwise traditional line, don’t you agree? Be ready to razzle-dazzle carrying any of them!!! J

Murcia for your royal silks and stunning chiffons: Hold your breath before I show a few ravishing Murcias for your silk sarees, be it the Benarasi or the Kanchivarams, and those lovely lehengas you would have bought.

Tell me what you think of these rich-coloured Murcia’s. Am sure each is a perfect match for the outfit you bought with so much love. And whats more? They are elegant too. Be assured to make heads turn when you sashay down with them J

Murcias for the chic cocktails:Well, won’t a this-generation bride need good options for her cocktail collection as well? We had you in mind when we designed some extremely chic Murcias – you can carry them to those pre and post-wedding parties where you wouldn’t want a complete traditional look, yet need to look regal and elegant.

We have for you the customary black and the elegant silver to match any outfit that you’d like to wear. Like them, don’t you?

We will be adding more to our bridal collection as we go on….look out for more designs.on our FB page — Murcia Handbags —  if you want to customize your bags or footwear to your outfits…

So hurry up and buy your Murcias for your trousseau TODAY! Simply click on this link — Buy Murcia Handbags

And before I sign out, here’s wishing you the very best for a wonderful married life…:-)


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