Travel With A Murcia

I have been travelling on business like a nerd, and could do anything to go on a holiday. I so badly need one! How have you been? Is everyday life grilling you? Or have you been able to take life by its horns?

As I sat in the lounge waiting for my flight the other day, I couldn’t help notice the bags some of the women carry while travelling. And I sat down, dissecting them – She must be travelling on business, like me; And she, out there, must be off on a holiday. This girl must be going back home; you can tell by her knapsack!

Now, let me tell you this, the world is extremely stylish these days. But there are a few of those who could do with some sense of suitable dress, suitable shoes, suitable bags and accessories. To these few ladies, I dedicate my post on ‘Travel With A Murcia’ today —

Remember, this is the type of Murcia you should carry while on a holiday. For, they are exclusive bags from my latest Travel Collection.  I have a few suggestions for business travel too. But those on a later post!

  • Pile on the Colours! Yeah, holiday means happiness; a breaking free from mundane and punishing chores. So why lug around a mundane-looking bag? Show off your happiness. Carry a bright colour bag…brighter the better! Have you seen my Murcia MJ3 ?


  • Let Shapes & Designs Allure You! What I mean is that you shouldn’t get bogged down by missionary-looking bags. Try out the trendy new shapes. Let newer designs allure you. Take a peek at NAN RED from Murcia’s travel collection?  Trendy and trend-setting!!!


  • Dare to be Different? And carry my Paris Hilton-like bag? You are sure gonna make heads turn. Make sure you team it with a nice looking outfit and shoe!


  • Are you looking for space? If yes, carry my MJ12 . It gives the right tinge of orange to the monochrome stripes, and is also sturdy and big enough to last you a long holiday.


What do you think about my suggestions for Travel with Murcia? Did they appeal to you? Write to me to let me know!!


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