WAGs Of Soccer Boys & Murcia

Hello all you Beautiful Darlings, What’s up??

I am down with viral! 😦 Yeah, Mumbai’s rains have got the better of me, and I have been laid up in bed all day since yesterday…Too weak and exhaushted to do anything, I have been ruffling through some magazines….and see what I have got – photos of the hottest babes from the world of Football. They were all in Brazil, heating up the scene while their husbands and boyfriends fought it out in the fields!!!

Incorrigible that I am, I peeked into their style quotient with quite some interest. And tried to see how well-stocked I keep you with my bags, against what they have been spotted carrying. And look what I found —-

Look at what the winning team, Germany’s, WAG is carrying. A lot like what I have in my online store!!!


And here is Italy’s Fanny Neguesha, fiancé of who else? Mario Balotelli!!!! Here’s my version of it for you!!!!


Uhhhh!!! Oodles and oodles of oomph!!!! I so wish Shakira would have picked up something like this for the fab dress she is wearing! What say you?


And hey! Black on black is so passé. It’s the days of making statements with bold colors! Alex Curran, British Steven Gerrard’s wife, could have broken the black monotony with Murcia’s bold red clutch!! What do you think??


Hmmmm…the comparisons were fun, weren’t they. Want to know what you think about them??!!! Send us your opinion, ideas and let’s play this game together! Comment here now!

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See Ya!!! Until I get well!!!


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