Importance of accessories in a female’s life

‘’Just at the last moment, You leave your house, You always remove /add/change an Accessory’’

Its all about being loaded with accessories for a female; well accessorized. But obviously no one wants to look like a Christmas tree where you are over loaded with accessories hanging all around.

The most important fact for a female to understand is, accessories are as important as your clothes & your feet. An equal balance of proper clothes with matching footwear with balanced accessories makes the entire attire perfect. Now-a-days, Its not about wearing a branded or expensive bracelet, chain, ear rings or a finger ring. Rather Its all about the stuff what you put over you & and how do you do it. The one carries herself is the one who will be carried away. No matter it is making your finger ring a pendant & and hanging It on your neck with the help of chain or taking a ear stud & punching it below your lips.                

‘’Accessories are everything to me, they are important than clothes’’ – Rachel Zoc (American fashion stylish)

The best part of accessories is, they are relatively expensive. During a period of a tight budget, you can still update your presentation style & add on accessories according to the clothes what you have it in your wardrobe. Even a single piece of accessory can change your entire look. The entire game is of having the right one at the right time on your body. Every girl is smart about her choices. But every now and then when you do your entire shopping and once you return at home, a question arises, ‘’Do I really like this?’’ Everyone wants to have a good collection of accessories, but  not a pile of unused accessories booking useful space in your drawer. Its always recommended to have a little classy collection of accessories which are evergreen then having massive collection that fades as fast as trends.

The most important point to know is accessory organization!! Its always a night mare to pull out a chain from a jewellery box of tangled chains, necklaces, ear rings etc. My recommendation on this will be to have necklace/chain trees and well organized drawers containing boxes segregating different accessory


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