The Unconditional Lady – Bag love

A women is a symbol of sacrifices. But hold on! There are a few things which you just can’t ask her to sacrifice for. Her LOVE – HER BAG. Before you get a bit surprised about this, let us tell you that it’s just not a bag for her, but much more; her companion, her friend, her love and most importantly, her fashion and style.

If you still aren’t convinced, let us explain the intensity of the above statement. ‘A man is known by the shoe he wears’. Agree? Similarly, ‘A lady is known by the bag she carries’. It does make you understand about the lady-bag love, doesn’t it?

A bag means a lot, perhaps everything for a lady, girl or even a baby girl. It completes every look of woman. Imagine a girl’s/women’s life without a bag with all the accessories, or for a matter of fact, imagine a woman without a bag? We know it’s quite a task to imagine something which can’t ever exist.

Not only it’s her friend in need, following her wherever she goes but is a style statement, a trend setter too. A fashionable bag adds a chic look to whatever you are wearing. Probably you can’t make a statement without carrying that beautiful thing with you. How can someone stay away from one’s love? No one can. A bag completes a woman and therefore they are the unconditional lovers for life.


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